Our Team

Nikoloz Chikhradze
Education: 1975-1980 Georgian Technical University, Engineer-physics
Acad.Degree: PhD
Title: Professor
Professional Experience record:
1978 - Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology;
1979-1980 - Institute of Physics, Nuclear Reactor;
1980-up to date - G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute:
1980-1983 – Engineer;
1983-1988 - Researcher,
1988-2001 - Senior Researcher, Chief of Experimental Polygon
2001-2006 - Deputy Director
2006-2007 - Acting Director
2007-to date – Director.

2001-up to date - Georgian Technical University:
Docent - Department of Physics,
Full Professor - Faculty of Informatics and Managing Systems, Department of EngineeringPhysics
Areas of expertise:
• Materials Science;
• Solid State Physics;
• Explosives and Blasting Technologies


Edgar Mataradze
Tel: (995 32) 32 16 98
E-Mail: mataradze@mining.org.ge
7, Mindeli Str., 1086 Tbilisi, Georgia

1966–1970 - Institute of the Earth Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Post graduate; Ph.D (1970)
1956-1961 - Polytechnic Institute of Georgia, Tbilisi, Mining Engineer

from 1962 till present: G. Tsulukidze Mining Institute, Head of the Department of Explosion Protection Technologies
from 1996 to 2006 - member of the Board of Supervisors of the Joint-Stock Company “Chiaturmanganese”.
E. Mataradze has taken part in the projects supported by NATO, USAID, ISTC, CRDF, IATP and Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Fields of Specialization
(i) main field:
Blast effect, Explosive safety and physical security;
Protective technology research, development and implementation,
Structural response to dynamic loads.
(ii) other fields
Underground mining, mining economy.
Membership of Professional Societies:
A member of the International Association of Protective Structures (IAPS), Chairman of the Board of Association of Small Mining Enterprises of Georgia.
Publications: 120 scientific publications, 25 patents


Theodor Krauthammer

Dr. Krauthammer is currently Theodore R. Crom Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Florida, and Director of its Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security (CIPPS). Until the end of 2006 he was Professor of Civil Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University and Director of the Protective Technology Center (PTC). He obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His main research and technical activities are directed at structural behavior under severe dynamic loads, including considerations of both survivability and fragility aspects of facilities subjected to blast, shock impact, and vibrations. He has specialized in the nonlinear behavior of structures (including medium-structure interaction) under seismic or impulsive loads, and the development of numerical simulations and testing techniques for structural assessment. His work has included the development of design recommendati! ons for enhancing structural performance, physical security and safety of buildings, facilities and systems. Additionally, he has been involved in the response, safety, and physical security assessment of buildings and facilities before and after abnormal loading events. He conducted both numerical simulation, and experimental studies of structures subjected to a broad range of loading conditions. His research has been supported by the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Federal Highway Administration, Minnesota Department of Transportation, National Science Foundation, NATO, Norwegian Defence Construction Service, US Air Force, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
Dr. Krauthammer is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and a member of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). He is involved with other national and international professional organizations. He serves on ten technical committees of ASCE, ACI, and AISC. Dr. Krauthammer was chair of the ASCE Committee on Blast, Shock, and Impact, and the founding Chair of ACI Committee 370 on Short Duration Dynamics and Vibratory Load Effects. Also, he was Chair of the ASCE Engineering Mechanics Committee on Experimental Analysis and Instrumentation, of the ACI Committee 444 Experimental Analysis of Concrete Structures, and of the Joint ASCE-ACI Committee on reinforced Concrete Slabs. He was a member of the National Research Council Defensive Architecture Committee. Dr. Krauthammer has written more than 420 research publications, and has been invited to lecture in the USA and abroad. He is a consultant to industry and government agencies in the USA and abroad.


Shalva Marjanishvili

Sr. Managing Engineer & Technical Director
ShalvaMarjanishvili leads Hinman’s Advanced Structural Analysis practice, and is an expert in the dynamic non-linear response of structures to the effects of seismic, impact and explosive loadings. Marjanishvili uses a broad range of computational methods to develop computer models tailored for specific projects as well as modeling buildings using off-the-shelf programs such as SAP2000 Nonlinear. He uses these analytical methods to evaluate the detailed design requirements for both new and existing buildings and for progressive collapse analysis.
Marjanishvili has published 18 technical papers including “Progressive Analysis Procedure for Progressive Collapse”, in the ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities.
ShalvaMarjanishvili received his BS and PhD in Structural Engineering from the Georgian Technical University, and an MS in Structural Engineering from Stanford University. He is a registered Structural Engineer in California.