About Us

LEPL Grigol Tsulukidze Mining Institute (Former Institute of Mining Mechanics of Georgian Academy of Sciences) was founded in 1958 and is the only Institute of such type in South Caucasus.
Conventional Directions of Research:
• Explosion Technologies;
• Infrastructure Protection from accidental and terrorist explosions;
• Automated System for Protection of People from Methane Explosions in Coal Mines;
• Design of Underground Structures;
• Ecology of Mining Enterprises;
• Design of Pipeline and Cable Transport Systems and Diagnostic Equipments;
• Explosive welding, hardening, coating;
• Shock wave syntheses (Artificial diamond, Boron Nitride),
• Rock Mechanics.

Institute was involved into the elaboration of scientific projects, funded by International Science & Technology Center, NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, US Civilian Research & Development Foundation, International Science and Technology Center (ISTC), Science and Technology Center in Ukraine, INTAS and etc.
The most international projects are related with the explosive technologies, including: Shock wave physics, Anti-Terrorism Protection, Automatic Blast Suppression Systems, Explosive strengthening of hard and heavy alloys, Explosive consolidation metallic, non-metallic, amorphous, ultra-disperse and nano-structured powders; Explosive welding and etc.
The G. Tsulukidze Mining Institute has international scientific collaboration with research centers and Institutes of USA (The Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security, University of Florida; Los-Alamos National Laboratory; US Army Research Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology; South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, University of Sun Diego); Germany, Nederland, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Canada, Ukraine and etc.

The Underground Experimental Base of the Institute includes:
• System of tunnels in the length 255 m;
• Explosive chamber in volume 1500 m3;
• Observational station for accommodation of the measuring equipment, the area 600 m2;
• Sensors, digital oscilloscope and computers for registration and the analysis of dynamic processes;
• Reserved explosive chamber;
• Ventilating system, water-supply, power supply.