Multifunctional device for explosion detection

28 April, 2016

The system contain the following elements:
• a module of sensors for the identification of explosions, fires, smoke and methane;
• a module for the identification and generation of an emergency signal;
• an emergency signal transmission module;
• an emergency signal receiving module.
• a power supply module.
The system design is based on the following principle: it provides constant monitoring of explosion and fire identification parameters. When reaching the ceiling values of these parameters, the module will generate a high-frequency electric signal which will be transmitted to the receiving module.
The identification criteria and limiting values for generation of alarm signal is given in Table 1.
Table 1. The identification criteria and limiting values for generation of alarm signal

Threat The identification criteria limiting value Sensor

Emergency conditions Overpressure 12 kPa Pressure sensor
Pre-emergency conditions Concentrations methane in air 2% CH4 sensor

Emergency conditions Flame The area of the site of the fire exceeds 0,5m2 IR flame sensor
Pre-emergency conditions Smoke The percent of obscuration per unit length exceeds 5%/m Smoke sensor

3.2 Wireless technology of data transmission On the base of identification criteria the softwere was created for the functioning of identification module (signal transmtter ). The relevant algorithm enables to generate and process the identified emergency signals for further security actions. 

The data transmitting system consists of: fast receiver, the data coding and decoding knots and amplitude (peak) radio transceiver . For coding and decoding of data microprocessors of AVR type are used, which work at 18MHz clock frequency. The duration of data signal is 0,8ms. In order to increase the reliability the data signal is transmitted 3 times and the emergency signal is generated after receiving all 3 data signals. The data transfer rate is 30kB/s. The receiver of the system is responsible for the fast processing of the information in order to generate relevant information for the information board, security service or external automotive protective device. The main parameters of the system are given in Table 2.
Table 2. Main parameters of the system




Independent source voltage, V



 Supply current, mA

Min  4;   Max  200


Operating frequency,  MHz                  



Data transfer rate, kB/s



Data Encoding



Output power  of transmitter,  dBm

+ 30


Rreceiver sensitivity,  dBm


-115 dBm

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