The World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium- WMESS 2016

17 September, 2016

On September 5-9, 2016, in Prague, Czech Republic "The World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium- WMESS 2016" was held. G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute was initiator of the Session: "BLASTING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES", which was underway on September 6. At the first part of the Session (Chairman: Prof. Dr. Nikoloz Chikhradze) there were delivered two oral presentations by scientists of Explosion Protection Technologies:

  1. "Physical modelling of mine blast impact on armoured vehicles" - Speaker: Dr. Nika Bochorishvili;

  2. "New design shock tube for the study of vapour cloud explosion" - Speaker: Irakli Akhvlediani;

and at the second part (Chairman: Dr. Nika Bochorishvili) - four oral presentations:

  1. "The effects of explosive loading and neutron irradiation on mechanical properties of Titanium and Copper" - Speaker: Prof. Dr. Nikoloz Chikhradze;

  2. "Synthesis and explosive consolidation of titanium, aluminium, boron and carbon containing powders" - Speaker: Mikheil Chikhradze;

    Symposium Program:https://www.mess-earth.org/files/WMESS%202016%20Program_1.pdf